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Past Do Band Biographies

A 1960's, '70's. '80's, and '90's  rock band formed in 1987 by Steve Kelley, Joe Phillips, Mark Hinnard and Charles Collins. The band's name PAST DO was chosen because they "DO" songs of the "PAST". They stayed in the basement for one full year, practicing 2 to 3 times a week, until their show and sound were perfected. Their repertoire consisted of approximately 140 songs and were continuously adding more. The members had a unified dream that one day they could give back to the world what they had received from it. They all truly loved their music. They played all over Chattanooga and the surrounding area from 1988 thru 1990 when they went separate ways. Reunited in 1994 they worked on revamping their original act. Parted ways again in 1996 and reunited in 1997 to do the first and only reunion jam session.


Steve Kelley - bassist - click HERE to view his music resume


Played trumpet in Soddy Daisy High School marching band and swing band from 1965-1970. Started in music in 1966 after receiving a box guitar for Christmas. Moved to San Marcos, Texas in 1968 and played in a Dixieland Jazz band. Started on bass in 1975 with a Gibson Grabber bass and played it for 17 years with some well-known groups of various styles of music from gospel, country, rock, jazz and bluegrass. In 1992, bought a 5-string Ibanez EX Series black narrow neck bass and played it for 10 years. In 2002, bought a 5-string Fender Jazz American Deluxe, flame maple top with gold hardware. His individual and particular style is a part of PAST DO's hard driving sound.


Joe Phillips - drums


Started in music in 1963 and was playing the night club circuit at age 12. Later. went on the road playing professionally with both country and rock bands. At age 18 he started playing gospel and doing studio work. Later he picked up the harmonica, guitar and song writing. He plays a blue set of Rogers drums with Paiste cymbals.

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